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Friday, February 23, 2007

hello everyone..mayb i got alot of things to share..1st about the bangle i bought fer hubby..about the bangle,i told u once right tat tat auntie i bought frm says it was a silver..but hubby told me tat the colour had changed...kanasai ah..yesterdae hubby came over to my place..we play monopoly..game lame sey tu..haha..had fun... geram sak ako sal bangle tu..

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reflections of you and me;

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

haloo..jz get back frm beach rd..bought hubby a bangle fer our valentines day..cost $33..the $35 dah bis ar..so ako beli yg $33..got discount till $27..so cheap sia..den afta tat do sum angraveing followed by his name..ana n hakim were there 2..
afta tat go badok..wahliao..at beach rd oso got nice nasi ayam peyet sia.sedapPpPpP.. den acompany hakim 2 bedok inth wad hp dier..duno wad..den c ana ni plak nk g tamp nk lik starbucks..den we go lah..dah penat,penatkn skali...k that all..

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reflections of you and me;

Sunday, February 11, 2007

halo..guess wad?hubby cut off his tail oreadi..haha rimas arh..agipon dah tak senonoh...hahaah..ako nak lik kan dier bangle kat beach rd..onli $35 onli meh..tot todae nk lik kn dier..abe dier msg tadik dah nak abis werk..camne ehk??hmm i'll get back with u all at night ok...

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reflections of you and me;

Saturday, February 10, 2007

hello everyone..jz nw hubby came over to my place ngn c gemok itu..hahaha..i mean the fat cat..hahahah..had a great fun wif it..family ako sume takot ngn kucing..ako, kucing hubby je ako tak takot..kucing lain ako takot hahaha..weird kan???hmmm..then bwk c gemok itu ngn hubby g umah wak ya tats mean my mum nyer kak2..kat sane ader byk bdak2 kecik..so mcm gerek kan gitu..lagi,anak sdare ako sume suke kucing..ape lagi bwk ar..2 takpe..c gemok itu dah takot,sal tak kenal org,dier troz lari..dgn tak lemah lembot,ako n hubby keja..nasib baik dier stop..kalo tak,kucing tu dah ilang ke mane pon taktao..haiz..tink thats all..bye!

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reflections of you and me;

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

heloo..im back! miting hubby ard 4+..den mimi(hubby's niece) msg me n want to mit up..i've gt nutin to say so i agreed. so jz now bought a pack of cigrette frm wan which stays near my blk. so i bought it n mumy ask me to buy things such as bread, n epok2..afta tat with coincidence,we saw nana n madan..he told us tat mimi da smpai.. beh madan kap lah dier nak g kdai game sal mls nk lyn mimi..we understand mit mimi.. we act as normal..so about half an hour.madan came back..die ajak ako sume g sheng siong..mak dier suro lik sumting..so kite lang lah si mimi ni yg kite nak kuar..den dgn tak ckp byk, dier angkat kaki pon jln..kesian jgak..but wad to do..well had a great fun with my love ones nana n madan..n ya with ur princess..hubby came over my place...same thing tok2 with my parents...had a great fun with u all..n ya i love ya badly hubby! i'll post again other tyme..!

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reflections of you and me;

Monday, February 5, 2007

hello everyone im back since bz with my own stuff..todae i woke up at ard 1+..wahliao got not enuff slip..yesterday tok to hubby till 2 pm..well, since i dont post fer yesterday,here i am..yesterday,ard 3+pm in the afternoon hubby called me. i was in my swit dream at that tyme.
He told me that he was on his way to meet me as he had finished his work. when he arrived, i met my beloved nana n his future husband..hahaha..den afta tat ana which my very the bestfriend called me. i was shocked at tat moment coz she was mising in action all this while..and she called me yesterday n she wanted to meet me up. den at ard 6+, she gave us a call n told us tat she had arrived. we tok2 at the stairs and madhan said tat afta magrib, he came out back.. den we said ok la..as the tyme has passed, madhan told us about sumting tat we shld not see.. i think you noe wad i mean..haha..i wont tell u all coz i think tat was my scariest moment.haha. oklah anitin i post back to you..takin care!

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reflections of you and me;

Sunday, February 4, 2007

hello everyone!
todae is my first tyme writing tis blog as i was bz update my blog..
right now, im waiting fer my hubby to come over to my place as he promise to bring his fat cat..
ngtah betol ke tak..dah semangat2 ni..haha..klah till here den,later i update again shortly..takin care!

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reflections of you and me;